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Brewery Insurance

When trying to determine just how important is it to have brewery insurance for your business, you may want to consider the following scenarios: How much money would you lose if a forklift punctured one of your fermentation vessels? What if you received a batch of spoiled additives or your malt is contaminated with seed moths? What would you do? How would your business and your livelihood be impacted?

The truth is, the craft brewing industry has an extremely unique risk profile that makes brewery insurance imperative for any brewery owner. But because it is such a specialized area of the food and beverage industry, not every insurance agent will know how to properly guide you on choosing the right brewery insurance for your needs. Is your current insurance provider up to speed on the industry’s exposures or coverage for those exposures? Does your current agent know the difference between your boil kettle and your mashtun?

At EA Boniakowski, we work with leading carriers who offer brewery-specific insurance packages that are designed to bundle the appropriate coverage into one, hassle-free insurance program. Our brewery insurance experts can help you determine how your brewpub or craft brewery insurance program should be structured, based on your individual operation.

Brewery Insurance Coverage Basics

  •  Liquor Liability
  • Boiler and Machine Coverage
  • Supply Chain Insurance
  • Spoilage and Product Recall
  • Inland Marine Coverage (beer in transit during distribution)
  • General and Property Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Cyber Risk
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Commercial Umbrella

Coverage Variations

When considering brewery insurance coverage, details matter. Whether you are a seven-barrel or 120-barrel system, we have the appropriate expertise to advise you on what special coverages you may need to keep your system brewing optimally. The following factors will come into play:

  • Do you offer tours, tastings, or brew-your-own-beer services?
  • Do you maintain a full bar and/or restaurant?
  • Do you partner with local food trucks or farmers markets? Do you currently obtain certificates of insurance from them?
  • Do you outsource the production of your recipes to an offsite location or other brew team?
  • Do you own a fleet of commercial vehicles?
  • Do your employees regularly lift or move kegs?

A “Yes” to any of the above questions can affect your craft brewery insurance needs, so let us advise you on how best to develop your perfect brewery insurance policy.

Program Features

  •  We will help you think strategically about risk management – reducing injuries, mitigating loss events, and avoiding business interruptions.
  • We offer workers’ compensation support. At no cost to you, our experts will come to your location to train your team on lifting safely and other injury preventing techniques.
  • We’ll train you on OSHA compliance and can help you avoid costly OSHA violations, which have more than doubled in number among U.S. breweries between 2010 and 2017.

Each and every brew you create is important to the success of your business. Just as each brew has a unique signature on it, your brewery coverage shouldn’t be cookie cutter. Click here to be contacted by one of EAB Insurance’s craft brewery risk advisors or brewery insurance agents today.