EA BONIAKOWSKI INSURANCE SERVICES E.A. Boniakowski has been identifying and meeting the insurance needs of home and business owners throughout NJ since 1950. The agency serves a broad client base, ranging from start-up business to large corporations as well as personal home and auto.
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From first-time homebuyers to growing families and everyone in between, EAB works hard for you so you don’t have to. Our loyal, responsive team members work one-on-one with you to earn your trust and identify where you may be at risk so we can protect you and the people and things you value.

Our team members, who average more than 25 years of handling a wide variety of insurance needs for individuals, have been creating loyal partnerships with top insurance professionals since 1950. That unparalleled commitment translates into our unique ability to present you with insurance solutions from as many as 20 major carriers. We take the time to understand your needs and then identify the best solutions for you.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We know your life is ever changing. We regularly review your situation to make sure you have the best solutions in place to meet your needs, always.


Is saving 10% on your auto policy while giving up 50% of your coverage really worth the risk? Cheap auto insurance and 15 minute quotes aren't always the best choice. Our clients make educated choices on their automobile insurance coverage with the help of our Trusted Choice insurance agents.


As a condominium owner, one needs to insure not only their personal possessions in the condo, but also any built in units such as cabinets, fixtures, appliances and shelves. In addition to covering the personal property, a condo owner also needs liability coverage.



Floods can happen anytime or any where. Even in the same place twice. Floods are the leading natural cause of property damage. Four times more homes are destroyed by flood than by fire, causing over $2 billion in property damage every year.



Motorcycle Insurance typically offers a combination of collision, liability, theft, and related coverage designed specifically to meet the needs of motorcycle owners. If you own a motorcycle — whether you ride it or not! — you need this coverage to protect you from theft, collision, and other common exposures.



Even though you don't own your own home you have personal property that can be lost to fires, burglaries and even lawsuits. While most homeowners are insured for these risks, many renters are not. No one requires renters to buy insurance to protect their personal property, so many do not.