EA BONIAKOWSKI INSURANCE SERVICES E.A. Boniakowski has been identifying and meeting the insurance needs of home and business owners throughout NJ since 1950. The agency serves a broad client base, ranging from start-up business to large corporations as well as personal home and auto.
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Payroll Services and Solutions for Small Businesses



The Difference is: E. A. Boniakowski Payroll powered by Primepoint!


Businesses get more with E. A. Boniakowski’s Payroll Services powered by Primepoint…
more service, experience, flexibility and technology!

Primepoint BDA Business Direct Access
Web based payroll services for small businesses

Key Benefit


  • Submit payroll from any web capable PC
  • Reprint payroll reports, check stubs, and tax forms yourself
  • Provide direct access to your accountant at your discretion
  • Integrates with The E. A. Boniakowski Group Property, Casualty, and pay as you go Workers Compensation products

  • Your data is stored on Primepoint servers, enabling you to access your records from anywhere without special software
  • All of your historical payroll & tax data is available all the time
  • Secure UserID and password provided as well as data encryption during transmission

Personalized Service

Voicemail only when you want it
Whenever you call you’ll always get immediate access to a live person to answer your questions!

Consistently accurate payroll processing

Teamwork approach to customer service

People who know you and your company
You're never just a number!


Primepoint's Experience

30 years of industry experience

All industries served

Able to serve the complex needs of the Construction, Municipal Government,
and Non-profit industries


Primepoint's operations and systems work together to satisfy YOUR needs:

  • Customized payroll worksheet for easy fax or web submission
  • Phone, fax, or web interface, it’s your choice each time you submit your payroll
  • Pay employees through live checks, direct deposits or both
  • Receive payroll & tax reports via email, web access, hard copy or multiple methods
  • Payroll tax filing and remittance to any of the 50 states
  • Allocate your payroll by location, department, job, project, program... or any combination

Superior Technology

With 30 years of payroll operational and management experience, Primepoint executives have developed industry leading ASP technology for companies with 1 to 5000 employees.

For businesses with 50 to 5000 employees,expand upon the capability of BDA and perform Human Resource functions through our robust Enterprise HR™ ASP Interface. Our EHR interface offers these additional features:

  • Track compliance, company property, emergency contacts, dependents, education…
  • Track information unique to your organizationwith 48, user-definable fields
  • Store electronic copies of any employee specific document (employee applications, W-4's, I-9's…) under the employee’s profile
  • Run interactive reports, queries, and easily export system data to MS Excel & Access
  • Establish system user rights/limitations with role-based security
  • Time card import from third-party time collection systems
  • Create non-employee groups (applicants, volunteers, donors…) and track the members of each