EA BONIAKOWSKI INSURANCE SERVICES E.A. Boniakowski has been identifying and meeting the insurance needs of home and business owners throughout NJ since 1950. The agency serves a broad client base, ranging from start-up business to large corporations as well as personal home and auto.
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Business Insurance Coverage


Your business encounters risk every day – some of it obvious, some hidden, and all of which can seriously impact your business. Many middle-market organizations don’t have the expertise or the budget to hire a full-time Chief Risk Management Officer, but that’s where we step in with your customized business insurance coverage.

We are a uniquely proactive risk management partner focused on maximizing your profitability. Through our proven, four-step Beyond Insurance® method, we assess your exposure and work directly with you to design business insurance coverage aimed at reducing or avoiding your most pressing risk factors. When your risk is controlled, you create a more desirable work environment that fosters happier, healthier employees, and your stability becomes evident – ultimately attracting more people who want to do business with you.

Our staff is your staff. We help you execute safety programs, provide information on how best to protect your assets, and continually audit and revise the process with you. We create truly personalized business insurance coverage through our process of getting to know you, what you do and what unique exposure to risk you have. Together, we can develop a strategy to manage and mitigate risk that doesn’t involve buying more business insurance coverage.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. There are no additional costs, no hidden fees, and our clients continue to enjoy these results – and savings – year after year with our business insurance rates. Get a quote today to see how we can help you, too.


Our Business Insurance Coverage Options

Business-Auto-Insurance-QuoteBUSINESS AUTO INSURANCE
A cost effective Commercial Auto policy can keep your business rolling. Whether your business has a few cars or a fleet of trucks, you need quality insurance at competitive business insurance rates with hassle-free claims and service. Insuring your commercial vehicles...


Business-Coverage-Insurance-for-Business-LinesBUSINESS LINES
Controlling business risk may have become more difficult, but choosing the right business insurance coverage and insurance agency is still very simple. Protecting your business isn't as easy as it used to be.



business-owners-insurance-coverageBUSINESS OWNERS INSURANCE
If you employ a staff, you are legally required to have Employer's Liability Insurance. Another important business insurance coverage is Property Insurance, which can include many levels of coverage such as buildings, stock and content, and goods in transit.


commercial-umbrella-business-insurance-coverageCOMMERCIAL UMBRELLA LIABILITY INSURANCE
In a very litigious society, many companies are realizing that they have a need for more liability business insurance coverage than what is provided under their standard policy.




commercial-flood-insuranceCOMMERCIAL FLOOD INSURANCE
Floods can happen anytime or any where. Even in the same place twice. Floods are the leading natural cause of property damage. Four times more homes are destroyed by flood than by fire, causing over $2 billion in property damage every year.



workers-compensation-insuranceWORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE
Workers Compensation protects your employees should an injury occur during the course of employment. Payments are made to the injured party and can consist of medical payments, loss of wages or therapy.


business-payroll-servicesPAYROLL SERVICES
Businesses get more with E. A. Boniakowski’s Payroll Services powered by Primepoint… more service, experience, flexibility and technology!




property-and-liability-insurancePROPERTY AND LIABILITY INSURANCE
Property insurance can cover the buildings that you own and / or business property and inventory against physical loss or damage. If you don't own your building, you'll still need contents coverage.